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The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe. 


Joanna Macy

Spiritual Guidance and Consultation

I offer spiritual guidance and consultation to practitioners, yogis, teachers and communities around spiritual issues, emergencies, crises, and trauma via phone, Zoom and FaceTime. 


As a spiritual practitioner, teacher or healer you may be challenged by a situation, dynamic, or student.  Perhaps you have gone deeply into your chosen path yet find yourself struggling with old wounds that are getting in the way of inhabiting yourself fully.  


How do you create a healing environment for yourself and others while experiencing the challenges of your own humanness?  It can be helpful to work through these situations with an experienced guide.  

Psychospiritual work blends western psychology with eastern wisdom teachings. The sacred pathway of psychological healing and growth are in the service of one's spiritual unfolding.


Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Learn about Embodied Connection Circles here.

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