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My Background

After over 30 years practicing as a Clinical Psychologist with an emphasis on listening to the body, working with the nervous system, and addressing clinical issues including eating disorders and trauma, I have welcomed in a calling to work in alignment with the natural world and connection with our deepest knowing.

My own evolution and healing have taken me on a journey with many teachers. My training includes several years in the Mystery School of Jennifer Welwood where I deeply engaged in integrating psychological and spiritual work and practice in the service of realizing and embodying our essential nature. I am a trained yoga teacher, completed study of Peruvian energy medicine, universal shamanism, eco-therapy, and much more. I draw upon the universal principles of the aliveness of nature and the divine source of all life. I am deeply engaged with Irish Celtic spirituality including the invitation to experience the seasons and energies of the Celtic calendar and to move back and forth in daily life between the seen and unseen worlds. 


My Approach

I utilize an integrated approach that considers body, mind, emotions, and spirit. This approach involves embarking on a journey with you in which I bring my entire presence to hold you with deep care, non-judgment, and a playful sense of humor.

As you share your experiences with me, I will wholeheartedly attune to you with both my inner knowing and acquired knowledge and skills. I draw from decades of study of diverse therapeutic modalities, eastern wisdom traditions, and personal life experience.

I honor your unique strengths and capabilities and recognize that we are all at various points in the process of evolving. I will help you acknowledge where you are and also share what I have learned. Together we will discover your innate capacities and deep knowing so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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