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Being, Together
A retreat in the Sacred Valley of the Lost Sierra

Allow nature and community to hold you in the Sacred Valley of the Lost Sierra.  Join Sirena Masket and Shae at The Three Sisters Guesthouse for a weekend of gentle mountain air with friends old and new. You can come home to yourself as you hike in the wildflower filled woods, admire majestic peaks, dip in clear mountain lakes, and immerse in the valley’s sacred grounding energy.

 Thursday September 28 - Sunday October 1 2023

Retreat Details

Our intention is to create time to Be, Together.  The busy lives we all lead involve a lot of DOING.  This retreat is an exploration into your BEING self.  We will facilitate and lead experiences where we can BE TOGETHER with the wild beauty of the sierras, with your body, with your heart, with your creativity, with your joy and with each other.  

There will be a spacious flow to our days, with lots of opportunity to be slow and recalibrate to the pace of the Sierras.  Nature is not in a hurry.  And WE ARE Nature.  
The retreat will primarily take place at Shae’s incredible home in the mountains.  But we will also take field trips to beautiful spots and wander the land surrounding her home.  There will always be the option of a hike, a gentle walk or just sitting in a comfy spot to soak up the beauty.

SOUND FUN? Reach out for pricing and to sign up.

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